Pet Care for Kids

Pet Care for Kids

Pets are wonderful, but they require a lot of care and attention. You can teach your kids responsibility by teaching them how to properly care for their pet. Below are some tips on how to get started:


Cats are independent animals, but they do need regular care. Cats should be fed and watered regularly and brushed at least once a week. They also need to go to the vet for checkups and vaccinations.

  • If you have a kitten, it’s important that you train him or her early on how to use a litter box–this will save both of you from having accidents in your home!
  • Keep an eye out for fleas; if your cat gets them, they can make him sick as well as spread disease around your house (and other pets). Most vets sell medication that will kill any fleas on your pet’s body immediately after application; some may even recommend bathing with special shampoos designed specifically for this purpose!


Dogs are a great way to teach kids responsibility. A dog needs to be fed, walked and cared for, so your child will learn how to take care of another living being. Dogs can also be trained to do tricks like sit or roll over in order that they become more fun and entertaining for kids as well as adults! Dogs are also loyal and loving animals who will provide companionship throughout their lives (upwards of 15 years).


  • Birds are a great pet for kids. They’re small, easy to handle and can be trained.
  • A bird needs a cage, a balanced diet, fresh water and food every day. Birds should also have toys that are safe for them to play with in their cages.


Fish are a great pet for kids. They’re easy to care …

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