Benefits of Becoming a Peer Academic Leader

Benefits of Becoming a Peer Academic Leader

Having a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) in your school can increase student retention and academic performance. The PAL can also help improve student social development and create a positive learning environment.

Increase academic performance

Identifying and acquiring a peer academic leader position, as experienced by Zoe Reardon, can enhance your academic performance. Typically, this is a merit-based position. As an academic peer leader, you will receive training in student leadership and academic support. You will also have the opportunity to apply your skills in the classroom and the wider learning environment. In return, you will be paid an hourly wage. This compensation is based on your overall CGPA (cumulative grade point average). In addition, you will be invited to participate in the student body and receive leadership training and mentoring. Research has shown several mechanisms for peer appraisal of academic competence. These include self-perception, the presence of a mentor, and the prevalence of teachers who are good at evaluating and supporting students’ academic efforts. Understanding these mechanisms can help minimize the effects of peer appraisal on student achievement.

Increase the feeling of belonging

Increasing students’ feeling of belonging is a vital part of academic success. It increases students’ engagement and helps reduce stress. Research suggests that students who feel they belong at school are less likely to worry about their academic performance. They are also more likely to perform well on standardized tests and to maintain a high-grade point average. One strategy for increasing students’ sense of belonging is to create an environment in which they feel a strong connection with other students. In addition to relationships with peers, adults can create conditions for belonging. For example, adults can ensure that students have a supportive adult in school. This individual should be someone with whom the student has a …

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