Dog Training For The New Owner

Dog Training For The New Owner

When you have a new dog, it’s easy to get carried away with excitement. You’re probably envisioning long walks through the park, fetch games in the yard, and so much more! To make sure that your dog is happy and healthy (and in no way resembles a wild animal), it’s important that you properly train them. Training will help ensure that your pet has good social skills, learns their boundaries and house rules early on, and establishes good habits right off the bat.


Housebreaking your new dog is the first step to becoming an owner. It’s important that you take the time to train your dog and teach them what you expect from them.

To start housebreaking, begin by taking your dog outside every hour or so for a short walk. When he does his business, praise him and give him treats as a reward for being good! If he has an accident inside of the house, there’s no need to punish him–just clean up after him immediately so that there are no lingering smells or stains left behind (this will make it easier when it comes down time). However, don’t give attention when they have an accident because this can lead into other bad habits such as barking at strangers or jumping up on furniture without permission; these behaviors can be difficult if not impossible later on down the line if they aren’t corrected now while still young enough where most dogs won’t remember these things happening later in life anyway! Also keep in mind that leaving them alone long periods during times like workdays/weekends where nobody around means more likelihoods for accidents occurring due

Leash training

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