Best pets to have in an American House

Best pets to have in an American House

There are many options when it comes to choosing a pet. The options range from normal pets to exotic pets. Some of the pets could require a fortune to keep while the expenses of others could be minimal. Furthermore, some of the pets could be dangerous while others are friendly. Some pets also require a lot of attention and care, while others only need to be fed once a day or even once in 2 days and they will be fine without you. If you have any pets or you are planning to get a pet, it is important to read reviews about American exotic pet insurance reviews on US-Reviews. The reviews will let you know the right company to get a pet insurance cover for your pet.

This article will discuss the best pets to have in an American house.


Dogs are easily the most popular household pet in the USA and the world. This is because of the many features they possess that endear them to us. They are friendly, loyal, calm with owners, could be aggressive to strangers thereby keeping away unwanted guests, provide company, and playful. It would be very difficult to find any other animal that will provide all the benefits a dog provides. This is why dogs are easily the first pet that comes to the mind of anybody who wants a pet. Most people only get other pets after they have gotten a dog. For those that have other pets and do not have dogs, most of them only do so because they want something that is out of the norm. Hence, you can never go wrong with having a dog as a pet.

Dogs are available in various breeds. The implication is that even if you don’t like most breeds of dogs, there must be some breeds that you will love. If you are looking for a small fluffy pet, for example, you could get a Chihuahua. If you are also looking for a dog whose size could rival that of an average adult, many dog breeds will easily fit into your description. Dogs are, therefore, easily the best pet to have in an American House.


Cats are often the next option for most people when they want a different pet from a dog. Cats are also nice gentle animals and very neat. They are also helpful with taking care of pests. For people who have their homes ridden with rats and other pests, the introduction of a cat or 2 will result in the area being free of such pets within a few days. The pests will recognize the presence of a predator and keep away from your home and its environs. Cats are also generally affordable and do not require a lot of attention.


Another common pet in the USA that is also among the best you can own is a parrot. You would need a cage for the parrot to stay in. The cost of caring for a parrot is also very affordable and much lesser than you would need to care for a cat or dog. Considering their body size, they will eat less and they can easily feed on seeds and grains.


If you would prefer a rodent as a pet, then a rabbit would be your best bet in an American home. Rabbits make very nice pets as well. They are also easy and affordable to maintain. All you need to do is read up on how to care for a rabbit and what their best foods are and you would be good to go. You might also need to get a cage.