Toilet Training For Cats

Toilet Training For Cats

Even though cats are among the most adorable and cute pets, they have the foul-smelling and stinking urine and waste as well. It is for this reason that some individuals decide to abandon or to send back their cats to animal shelters because they cannot withstand the smell of their waste or they failed to train their cats to use their litter box properly.

If this is the case, then train them to use human toilet. Is it really possible to train them to use our toilet? Why not use the litter box anyway? Well, you can train them to use human toilet with dedication and patience. For sure, some of us have watched on television cats using the toilet to pee and to poo, right? Yes, it really exists because some pet owners manage to train their cats to use human toilet all their own. It is advantageous to train cats to use the toilet because we do not have to buy garbage bags and worry of cleaning them everyday. However, training them requires lots of patience, time and dedication. You can simply tell them that the toilet is the right place to pee and poo because they do not have the same level of intelligence like we do.

What do you think are the reasons why pet owners decide to teach their cats to use the toilet? Aside from the fact that these boxes reek, litter boxes are also unsanitary and it can be the source of bacteria and microorganisms. When cats cover their waste using their paws, germs are transferred from their paws to different areas of your home. You do not want that to happen, right?

By training them to use the toilet, you will not smell foul and irritating odors from their wastes. You will also save thousands of dollars in buying different types of litter boxes related products for your cats. Moreover, some pet owners want to train their cats not only for sanitary and health reasons, but for novelty factor as well. By slowly training them, you can have your cats use the toilet in no time.

Steps in training cats to use the toilet:

First thing you must do is to slowly move the litter box closer to your toilet.

Once the cat is accustomed to using the litter box near the toilet bowl, gradually raise the box by leveling it with the toilet bowl.

After the cat is used to using the elevated litter box, place it on top of your toilet seat and let it stay there for several days until such time he is used to using it despite the height.

Once he is accustomed in using the box above the toilet seat, replace the box with a metal bowl which snugly fit your toilet bowl so the cat can use it comfortably.

After your cat has adjusted to the changes and he is comfortable using the metal bowl, you can now remove the bowl and you have successfully trained your cat to use the toilet bowl.

By following these steps, you will have a house free from smelly and irritating odor of cat’s pee and poo.