Why You Must Invest in Quality Horse Jump Accessories

Why You Must Invest in Quality Horse Jump Accessories

Few activities like show jumping test a horse’s and rider’s abilities. Quality jumping equipment can help you and your horse improve at the sport.

Find everything from plank and cross rail jumps to brush jumps, vinyl walls, and gates. Also, check out model jumps with an accessible glide and pinless track system.


The best horse-jumping equipment will ensure every takeoff ends in a secure landing. Safe jumping requires good horsemanship and well-designed courses. Jump builders improve equipment, and course designers produce tests encouraging safe riding.

Some riders use a martingale to prevent their saddle from sliding back during a jump. A martingale is a set of straps attached to the horse’s noseband and reins with one end tied around the perimeter. Running martingales are more common than standing ones and are acceptable at all levels of show jumping.

A snaffle bridle is preferred in the show jumper ring because it gives the rider direct contact with the horse’s mouth and more precise communication and control. Some riders wear body protectors to shield their legs, torso, and tailbone from falling.


Regarding horse jump accessories, you want to invest in something that will last. It should be durable enough to resist damage, rust, or wear and tear. In addition, it should withstand multiple uses without losing its quality.

The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of durable options to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a PVC schooling jump standard or a Hunter show quality complete eight-horse jump set, you’ll find what you need here.

We also offer horse jump blocks perfect for lunging and jumping exercises. These stackable obstacles help build gymnastics and can be arranged in any configuration. They’re also lightweight and easy to move around. In addition, they provide a framework for cavelliti work, which many cross-training dressage riders enjoy.


Whether you’re a hunter/jumper rider, dressage rider, or equitation over fences rider, we carry a wide range of horse jumps and accessories to help you train and compete. From plank jumps to brush jumps, Liverpool fences to water jumps, we have the equipment you need for success in the ring and beyond.

When jumping, it’s essential to keep your hands up and shoulders back. Doing so will prevent your body from catching on the fence and throwing your balance backyard. It will also help you achieve the correct two-point position.

Another essential accessory for show jumping is a breastplate. They can help you keep the saddle from sliding back on your horse’s chest. They’re usually used with a running martingale and are acceptable at all levels of competition.


Few riding competitions test the equestrian skills of a rider and horse, like dressage and jumping. Investing in high-quality equipment for the arena will help you and your animal train for these events, improve your skills, and compete at a higher level.

Consider buying a jump package with wing standards, training standards, flower boxes, vinyl walls, and gates for an all-in-one option that will suit your needs. The package is easy to handle and durable, made of premium-grade materials.

You can also get an accessible glide jump that makes changing heights a breeze and is designed to work with 10ft and 12ft poles. Alternatively, you can opt for handcrafted model horse jumps to work with Breyer horses, including jump cups, pinless tracks, and more.


For those who love model horse jumping, there are many perks to purchasing a complete jump set. Depending on the model, these packages include wing standards, training standards, brush boxes, flower boxes, vinyl walls, and gates. These pieces work like life-size jumps and provide a perfect training ground for your horse.

Besides these, there are many other types of jumps that you can purchase separately. For instance, you can buy a Liverpool jump that is safe and easy to use. These are designed with safety in mind and come with a foam border to prevent injuries.

Lastly, the soft poles can be used as guide and directional poles. These are ideal for covellite work, a crucial part of flatwork and dressage. They are also easy to assemble and move around.