Keep Your Animals Close to You Always With a Custom Pet Bobblehead

If you’re an animal lover, you might want your pets with you more than they actually can be. While you can shove pictures of them everywhere and get a service dog license to ensure they can come with you to almost any place in public, it might still not be enough. If that’s the case, then think about getting a custom bobblehead doll made of your pet. They’re adorable and easy to carry around, so they can serve as a constant reminder that you have a fur baby that loves you waiting at home. If you’re still not convinced, check below for some more reasons to consider this adorable option.


These little guys will look closer to your pet than any stuffed animal probably will. You can get one that has the exact same coloring and unique characteristics of your little guy, and that will go a long way toward making you feel like you have a piece of them with you always. If your pet has a really unique look and personality, imagine how fun it could be to have their replica looking back at you in the car or on your desk when you’re away from home.


Some people have the money to commission portraits, schedule photo shoots or even make screen printed t-shirts of their pets. If you find that’s a bit out of your budget (or is perhaps too excessive a statement), a bobblehead is just the thing for you. They cost less than a hundred dollars and require very little time and effort on your part. Ordering is entirely an online experience, so you could essentially do this from your bedroom with your pet sitting next to you.

Kids Love Them

If you have a family pet, your kids are probably just as in love with the little guy as you are. No doubt they would adore a little replica to take with them to school and show off to their friends. The dolls could even serve as a bit of security if your child goes someplace without you like sleep-away camp or to a sleepover and is prone to homesickness. The dolls work especially well if your kid is too old for a plush toy. And in an added bit of icing on the cake, since custom pet bobbleheads aren’t quite mainstream just yet, your kid or kids might enjoy something that is very unique, as well.

They’re Great Gifts

Unless you’re part of the geek set, you probably don’t have many friends with human or pet bobbleheads lying around their homes. If you’re looking to choose the perfect gift for someone who’s really hard to buy for, and you know they have a pet, consider getting them one of these dolls. They probably have some pictures you can poach from social media to use as a template, and they’ll be touched you’ve noticed their affection for their animal. For all the reasons you might want a custom bobblehead pet with you every once in a while, your friends probably feel the same way.