Stocking Up on Pet Supplies for Emergencies

Stocking Up on Pet Supplies for Emergencies

When people think of emergency situations like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, they often think of the supplies they need to stock. Most of the time, they don’t consider which pet supplies they need. If you’re stocking up food and water for your family that will last you a couple of weeks, you also need to stock up on supplies for your pet. In a major natural disaster, many stores are unable to open or only have limited supplies. If you fail to stock up on pet supplies, you may be unable to purchase supplies after an emergency.

Food and Water

The two most fundamental pet supplies include food and water. Just like people, your pets will need a couple weeks worth of emergency food and water. Dry dog and cat food lasts a long time, so make it a habit to keep a couple extra bags or boxes of food in the pantry. If it gets close to expiring before you can use it, just restock with fresh food and use the older food to feed your pet. If your pet enjoys moist food, consider buying in bulk at a discount store and keeping it frozen or in a cool place to extend the shelf life.

It’s easy to stock up on water, just add an extra gallon or two to your regular supply and designate it for your dog or cat. Animals don’t need as much water as people, so a couple gallons should get you through a short duration of time following an emergency. If possible, fill an automatic water jug that attaches to a bowl with treated water. This way your pet will have fresh water at all times following an emergency.

Extra Pet Supplies for Emergency Situations

Some other items you may need in an emergency include disposable dishes for food and water. If you need to stay away from home following an emergency, disposable dishes make it easier to travel with your pet. You may also want an extra pet bed, an extra collar and leash, an emergency supply of necessary medications, and a first aid kit with gauze, bandage tape, and antibiotic gel for minor cuts and scrapes.

While most of the pet supplies you should stock up on are only meant to cover the basics during an emergency, you can keep an extra supply of treats and blankets to make sure your pet is comfortable should you become displaced or be without heat or air for a considerable amount of time. By planning supplies for both you and your pet, everyone will remain calm and comfortable following an emergency.