Things To Remember While Choosing Food For Your Dogs

If you have a pet at home you wouldn’t have to think twice about who the most important member of your home is. Pets are an important part of most of the families. As the caretaker of your pet, you always want the best for your furry kid. It is our responsibility to give them the best care we can as they rely on us completely. The health of your pet depends mainly on the food they consume. With a wide variety of options of pet food available in the market, choosing the right diet for your cat or dog has become increasingly confusing and difficult.

Certain pet foods are high in nutrition compared to the rest. It is best to choose one that has a higher percentage of nutrition in it for your dog. A pet food can be considered to be good for your dog if:

  • The dog gets a good amount of energy
  • The food does not trouble its digestive system
  • The eyes of your dog are clear and shining
  • It has a healthy fur coat

Research thoroughly 

Before deciding on a particular brand of pet food, do a thorough research on the internet. Make sure that you collect the information from reliable sources. Go through the list of various ingredients listed on each food and choose a formula that is rich in nutrition. VetIQ has a wide variety of dog food to choose from. The task of choosing the right food for your dog can be quite complicated but you can do it smoothly by keeping the following tips in mind.

Choose a diet with a limited number of ingredients

It’s best to choose a diet with a limited number of ingredients. Avoid food that is processed heavily. The gentler the diet is, the less likely that it would trouble your dog’s digestive system causing inflammation. Allergy to certain kinds of food can cause chronic inflammation which could damage or even kill your pet.

The breed, age and reproductive status of your dog

It is important that you should consider the characteristics, age and general health of your dog to choose the right food. Breeds that are highly active, mothers that are lactating and puppies require a higher amount of calories than the less active breeds and dogs that are old. Feeding your dog the right type of food in the right amounts can prevent unwanted health issues and obesity. Though there are formulas based on the breed, pet food are usually categorized into two: formulas for smaller breed and formulas for a larger breed.

Understand the list of ingredients

Ingredients are listed on the label based on its weight and meat meals or meats are often listed first as they contain a higher water content. Only if your dog suffers from problems of severe indigestion or allergies do you need to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, otherwise, it is best to give them a meat based dog food.

Understand what causes allergies to your dog

Most of the time when a dog suffers from a food allergy, you tend to remove the grain-based formula from its diet. If you think your dog has an allergy to food it is best to take him to a vet to understand what causes it. The main protein like beef or chicken present in the diet often tends to cause allergy. So, removing grains from the diet of your dog need not stop the allergy unless it is the reason.