Tips to Save Your Pets from Pests

If you have a pet, it’s your duty to keep them healthy and happy. You must know that your duty doesn’t include only feeding and playing with your furry friend. A pet needs to be taken care of like a human baby as it too cannot come and tell you its problems.

Well, one of the most common problems of pets is pests. So, here we are discussing the tips to keep your pets safe from pests like fleas and ticks. You must know that these micro-sized organisms are capable of causing awful health conditions to your pet and you as well. So, do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to keeping your surrounding free from these deadly pests. Here are a few useful tips:

Keep your surroundings clean – The best thing to keep your pets safe from fleas and ticks is to keep the pests away from your surroundings. Fleas thrive better inside the home, so, they often lurk in your home. Keep cleaning your house regularly, especially the areas where your pet spends more time. While vacuuming your home and washing your beddings and curtains, don’t forget to clean your pet’s bed too. Ticks commonly enjoy their time sitting on grasses or low-hanging bushes. So, it’s your duty to keep your yard mowed and trimmed regularly. Keeping the surrounding clean significantly reduces the chance of pest infestation.

Treat your surroundings with pesticide – Keeping the surrounding clean is the first step, but, it is not always enough to keep away pests. You need to treat your home and surroundings with pesticides to kill away harmful pests. But, don’t buy just any pesticide from over the counter as many of them are harmful to pets and children. You should ask your veterinarian to suggest the pesticide that kills pests, but, does not harm your pet or children. Many people like treating their home with pesticide at the beginning of warm weather as it is seen as the thriving seasons for all kind of pests. But you should know that pests like fleas and ticks do not die in the winters; they simply stay in the dormant stage to get active in the warm months. So, keep yourself active all year round to deal with these micro enemies.

Keep your pet clean – In addition to the surroundings, it is important to keep your pet clean as well. This is more important if your pet likes to play outside. Even when your house and yard is clean, the pet can bring in pests from outside. You can find special combs in the market to comb out ticks and fleas from your pet’s furs. Comb your pet regularly and drown the pests tangled in comb in hot soapy water to kill them instantly. Even if you find a single parasite on your pet’s body, you should get alert as these pests multiply in number very rapidly. Make it a habit to bathe your pet regularly and keep them clean as you keep your own body clean. You should always have flea and tick shampoo at your home so that you can bathe your pet with it to kill the pests that may have come from outside.

Use medicated products – Using a product such as those sold by PetLock can help keep your pet free of pests such as ticks and fleas. Earlier pest prevention products came in form of dips, sprays, and powder that were not very convenient to use. Today you can find a number of topical and oral formula that are convenient as well as more effective. These products are safe for your pets. But, be sure to ask your veterinarian if your pet is taking other drugs, sick, very old, very small, pregnant, nursing or allergic. While using any medical product on your pet, you should read all the instructions carefully. If you own cat and dog both, don’t mix-up their products as both require different formulations. While taking care of your pets, don’t forget to keep your own safety in mind too. Always wear gloves while applying for the medicine or wash your hands immediately afterward. When you are using a product for the first time, be watchful for any signs or symptoms of a reaction. These signs may include vomiting, poor appetite, increased drooling, seizure or depression. If no such symptoms arise, then it means your pet’s body has happily accepted the new medication.

Bear in mind that fleas and ticks are no more a seasonal enemy. You need to be ready to fight with them all year round. Your simple ignorance can bring lots of pain to your loyal four-legged friends.