What Are The Major Challenges And Prospects Of Animal Conservation?

What Are The Major Challenges And Prospects Of Animal Conservation?

Animal conservation is a thing of major concern to the world at large. Wildlife has been thrown into disarray by the activities of mankind.

It would interest you to know that each passing day brings a lot of animals closer to extinction. There is a great need for animal conservation. We have to salvage the green earth. But animal conservation is not easy due to the various challenges that come with it.

In this article, we’ll explore the major challenges and prospects of animal conservation. Collected.Reviews works towards helping people find a reliable green energy provider in a bid to conserve the natural habitats of the animals.

The Major Challenges and Prospects of Animal Conservation

·  Land Fragmentation:

This is one of the greatest challenges encountered in animal conservation. The number of industries being built is increasing every passing day. Without lands, there would be no industries. People no longer care about the lives of the animals displaced as a result of new inventions. The worst of it is the fact that these buildings do not converge in one area, rather they are scattered all over. This fragmentation leads to the death of animals that once inhabited the place. Fragmentation increases the prospects of unhealthy competition between animals as well as extinction.

·  Dumping In Water Bodies:

It is no news that a large number of industrial wastes are dumped into the rivers, oceans and seas for disposal. This poses great danger to aquatic animals as well as lovers of seafood. Mercury is very prominent in most of these industrial wastes, and most fishes absorb mercury through their skins. This is not the only problem. Oil spillages that are channelled into water bodies also suffocate the eggs of fishes. These activities have the prospect of endangering the lives of humans, poisoning seafood and disrupting the aquatic food cycle in the long run.

·  Forced Migrations:

Most animals are forced to migrate out of their natural habitats because of the torture they are subjected to by human activities. For example, most animals that live in muddy environments cannot survive when the muddy areas are hardened with more sand.  Such animals may be forced to migrate to more peaceful environments.  But the sad thing about this is that their survival rate is highly depreciated because they may find it very difficult to adapt to the new environment. This has the prospects of killing off very vital species.

·  Deforestation:

This is yet another grave challenge that poses a threat to animal conservation. The destruction of forests reduces the lifespan of forest animals. This isn’t the only effect, it tends to cause an imbalance to the food cycle too as time goes on. This in turn affects a wider range of animals.

Final Notes

Animal Conservation should be paid serious attention. Lots of species are at the verge of extinction due to some badly thought out activities of man. We help this article enlighten people on the need for animal conservation as well as equip them with the best ways to go about it.