5 Types Of Insurance For Your Pets

5 Types Of Insurance For Your Pets

So, you have a new addition to the family, congratulations! Whether it’s a dog or a cat that would probably be jumping into your neighbor’s house, you love them that way.

The next thing you should be thinking about is how to protect them. How do you go about it? They may not be humans, but they are now a part of your family and it is at this point you should begin to consider insurance.

Sincerely, pets can easily fall sick or damage a neighbor’s property and you would be responsible for that, the financial burden might be too much on you, so why not let your pet’s insurer help you out?

Although pets don’t have the national health service, they have other pet insurance options. Just so you don’t stress yourself looking for a reliable pet insurance company, we’ve made a list of 5 types of insurance for your pets.

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Below are 5 types of insurance available for your pets:

Lifetime pet insurance

Lifetime pet insurance is one that offers a very detailed insurance cover for your pet. It covers illnesses and injuries and as long as you continue to renew your policy with them, they continue to cover your pets for life. Although some lifetime pet insurance covers are limited, so you need to ask some questions before going ahead with your insurer.

Time-limited pet insurance

With this policy, if your pet falls ill or is diagnosed with any form of a medical condition, you can make a claim, but only for a limited time and a specific amount. If you need to cover a condition your pet is facing, you can get the time-limited insurance for maybe a year and after that year and the condition persists, you will bear the cost yourself.

Accident-only pet insurance

This can be considered as the most affordable out of all the pet insurance options available. This only covers accidents and injuries related to accidents but it doesn’t cover illness, and this is why most people shy away from it. The most common type of claim is an illness, and that is why this particular insurance coverage is not common.

Maximum-benefit pet insurance

The maximum-benefit pet insurance is one that gives you only a specific amount you can spend on every illness. These claims can be made as often as possible and if your pet falls ill or is diagnosed with any long time ailment, you can always make claims as often as possible.

Non-lifetime insurance

This insurance policy only covers the selected illness of your pet. And it is not for a lifetime, it is limited to a few years and a few treatments.

Your pets deserve to be covered by insurance because you stand to gain a lot. Caring for pets is even more difficult than caring for humans because they tend to fall ill more often or even get injured. Bearing the cost if always visiting the vet might be too much on you, so choose an insurance plan right away and insure your pet.