Your Dog is the Cause of Your Plumbing – The Reason You Need a Sydney Plumber

Your Dog is the Cause of Your Plumbing - The Reason You Need a Sydney Plumber

Blocked Drains Sydney is here to help you maintain your drains clean and to take care of any damage to your drainage pipes that may have occurred in the process. Pets are a common reason for individuals to seek out plumbers as we have discovered. Consider if your dogs might be causing damage to your drains.

Give the dog a good bath

It is possible that your dog’s hair is clogging your drains, although this is a remote probability. A reasonable volume of water should be able to pass through your drainage system without causing any problems. Typically, just the plughole is obstructed in this situation. However, if your drains are prone to being clogged, dog hair may worsen the situation even more.

Pipes are being chewed

Although it is improbable that your dog would gnaw its way through your sewers, if you have exposed sections of your septic tank, it is possible that your pet may do harm to the workings of the tank (or whatever is exposed). There is a possibility that your dogs may cause electrical harm to any electrical components of your septic tank or waste collection system.

Making a mess of your drainage system

If your dog or cat discovers anything intriguing under the surface soil of your garden, they may decide to dig a lovely, deep hole in the center of it. They dig and push the earth around, resulting in a pile of dirt on the ground. This landscaping job is likely to create a significant amount of soil, which will eventually make its way into your sewage system. However, in order to produce an issue, a significant amount of material would need to be present.

Pets are responsible for things falling into drains

If you have drains and sewers with openings near your house, it is possible that your pet may knock anything into the drain, causing it to become clogged and inoperable. It is possible that your dog or cat may turn over potted plants down the drain or that they will drop stuff down your sewers, however this is unlikely. Concrete, roots, and other items in your yard may create difficulties if they make their way into your drains, and you should be aware of this.

Conclusion – It’s most likely not your pets’ fault

No matter how often you bathe your dog or how often your cat throws rodents down your drains, there are likely other factors contributing to your drains being clogged in the first place. Many times, this is due to the fact that your drains are old or broken. Getting in touch with a professional plumber Sydney can help you find out if your blocked drain is caused by your pet.